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The Trunk

The trunk is wood shavings, compacted thanks to the strong pressure with which it has been packed down.

In the process of combustion will be relevant this feature, in particular being much greater the contribution of the gas than the solid, this can make us easily realize that once inserted the trunk in the embers the high stresses induced by the sudden increase in temperature make that the binding forces between " the sawdust" held together only by the pressure of compaction, are weakened to the point of causing the mutual detachment which corresponds, obviously, a volumetric expansion of the volume of the trunk and it triggers a sudden combustion and it's a " long flame "

In the wood instead this does not happen because the binding forces are not mechanical but chemical and so they regulate in a certain way the gases to escape, but another factor not less negligible also resides in the fact that it is the same moisture that acts from a regulatory element in the combustion.


In summary we will list the pros and cons to the use of this product;

Advantages: controlled humidity (about 10%), handling, cleaning, most useful thermal output (wood, at the same weight, has a greater percentage of water).

Disadvantages: high cost, rapid and poorly regulated combustion; if not kept in dry places it can assemble a lot of  moisture.

For the cost it is advisable to refer to the following yield curves economy as it compares the cost of the purchase of fuel-wood socket with the calorific equivalent.

Economic performance Firewood-Trunk

Economic performance Firewood-Trunk


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