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Created by Egyptians, the traditional wood-burning oven has always played an important role in the gastronomic field (...)

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Experience - Talent - Intuition - Planning - Research - Achievement - Result

Those are the characteristics on which the credibility of our company and our work (that we live with passion and commitment) are based on. The engineering approach tries to dissolve any variable in the sector; On our website you can collect useful information for those who simply has a heat generating biomass (wood, pellet, trunk), such as a heater or a fireplace.The guide for the purchase of the wood plays a fundamental role, since the cost and the problems that are generated by the use of the fuel should not be ignored.

The calculation is the spirit from which emerge the results and in particular the oven, being a working tool, requires a deep study. The traditional wood oven, not recognized by the law and by UNI, thanks to engineering evaluations acquires its own identity and becomes a real source of investment for those who wants to buy it.

Through studies and experiments related to combustion, some patents have been issued thanks to the collaboration and supervision of the Department of Energy, Applied thermal fluid dynamics and. Environmental Conditions (DETEC) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Naples "Federico II", about the improvement of combustion through a focused study with specific equipment on the fuel, on the heat retention and performance.

In our company we produce three types of pizza oven: "traditional", "assisted combustion" and "condensing"; however, they are equipped with a system based on the control of the thermal power dissipated according to the different needs, the available spaces and finally the use (amateur or professional). The real difference between the two uses is the frequency: for amateur purpose the oven is used occasionally; for professional purpose, it is used daily.

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