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First Generation Oven - 1G

First Generation Oven - 1G

The first generation oven is the base line and it is based on a thermal resistance improved by a dispersion of the heat flow, reduced by 70% than the ordinary oven.

This is possible thanks to the use of special mixtures, which are properly processed according to particular processes that enhance its operational characteristics, to reach the final compound: DESERT SAND.



To technically  identify the  different compounds different names are used, such as:  

Sahara Desert Sand (SDS)  

Gobi Desert Sand     (GDS)     

Arabian Desert Sand (ADS) 

Second Generation Oven - 2G

Second Generation Oven - 2G

The Second Generation Oven has the same thermal stability you can find in the First Generation oven, but it has a different working due to the assisted combustion.  

This function guarantees higher temperatures and faster and more controlled combustion thanks to the manual regulation.

Third Generation Oven - 3G

Third Generation Oven - 3G

System designed for pizzerias, with D-TES (Dual-Thermal Energy System) technology, the Third Generation Oven is important because it has as its trump card in addition to fuel economy, the performance.

Thanks to the variety of heat exchangers, it improves the combustion efficiency up to about three times compared to a traditional wood oven (90%).

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