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The engineering approach to the problem

The question about the problems that are generated in an ordinary work process,  about pizza or bread, can be traced to the following.

In all these years manufacturers and perhaps some rare designer of pizza oven have never wanted to talk about problems, infact:

the problem can't been never considered.


Who talked about problems?

Pizza chef and bakers.

In details, which kind of problems are there?

Poor combustion, drop in temperature of the oven floor, problems with the neighbours for polluted emissions, as the oven has some cracks, the oven does not reach the desired temperature.

What are the causes of these  problems?

Insufficient and irrelevant structural techniques, lack of knowledge about the physico-mechanical properties of the materials used, fuel quality, environmental conditions.

Who intervenes to solve these problems? And how?

The user himself is the one who often tries to "personalize the problem" through some  changes, he refers to the experts which try to understand the problem, but not having the technical knowledge, they cannot guarantee the solution of the problem.


What are the risks for people living "too much" with the fumes?

toxicity Fumes from combustion Woody; italian write document


The engineering approach

The engineering approach

Because of the complexity of the phenomena that are activated around the oven, the engineer is the person who can best interpret these problems thanks to his studies, his experience and his talent.

<< From young engineer, thanks to my father's work done with passion during these years, I felt the vocation to deal this issues in a serious way,  with initiative and courage. I tried to understand the problem first  through a dialogue with the sector leaders,  then  after measure the performance of the ovens, and only at the end I re-elaborated everything to achieve results >>.  

The physical analysis of the combustion processes in a heat generator that works with the open door is not easy and can only be managed through appropriate approximations and under certain conditions. 



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