Pizza Oven Academy

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The setting of engineering research

In November 2011 an important study about the ovens took place at the University of Pizza in Vico Equense and allowed to get considerable data about processes, fuel consumption and real issues of cooking.

Then in January 2013 the ovens have been replaced with two that belong to the "First Generation" category with advanced techniques and strategies on the transmission of heat that allow unrivalled performance.

A fundamental part of the research and experimentation is on the feasibility costs / benefits about the extraction of moisture from the fuel, trying to adapt the technology of the "vacuum", in order to obtain a standardized, reliable and economical product.

In-depth knowledge of the scope of

Technical sector: Heat transfer - Structural Engineering

Real field : operating conditions - Boundary conditions

Theoretical sector : stoichiometrical Combinations

Identifying the objectives and limits of application



1. consumption

2. emissions

3. health risks

4. downtime 



1. traditional oven

2. machining process with open door

3. condensation

4. properties of materials

Practical testing of mathematical models

Measure performance and responsiveness:

1. costruction of FEM models

2. construction of prototypes

3. improving

4. cost / benefit analysis

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